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AnneThology, the book

writing inspired by the teaching of Anne Lowenkopf

Authored by Dan Hammack 
Contributions by Anne's Students 
Edited by Shelly Lowenkopf 

AnneThology is a collection of writing by students of Anne Lowenkopf. Anne taught courses in writing, editing, and literature-for-writers for more than 30 years. In addition to her teaching, Anne was an established author and sought-after editor.

Anne once remarked that the best gift her students could give her was to write. It gave her a "surge of joy" to see her students courageously eking out word after word, page after page to complete their manuscripts. She said it was the only reward she wanted in return for the time and effort she invested in the classes she taught.

This is the basis for AnneThology, a compilation of work that was shaped, informed, inspired, and encouraged by Anne herself-a small gift from the students to their teacher who made such a difference in their writing and in their lives.

Table of Contents

Introduction -- Shelly Lowenkopf

Ain't No Way to treat A Lady -- Marilyn Whitehorse
Sipadan - A Survival Tale of Borneo's Underwater -- Bill Ringer
Valentine's Day -- Willard Thompson
Racing the Dragon -- Dan Hammack
A Mayfly in Winter -- Linda Stewart-Oaten
Holy Roller -- Ted Baum
The Knitter -- Barbara Cunningham
A Proper Send Off -- Judith Gainor
India's Sunny Clime -- David Barnhouse
School Experiences and Life Lessons -- Pickens Halt
Dinner Party -- Amy Orozco
Memories -- Jan Hines
Rainbows and Moonbows -- Karin Finell
Spa -- Fred Curtis
Holly...a Love Story -- Mary Curtis
The Last Twin Story -- Hertha Will
Days Remaining -- Robert G Allen
Faulkner Country Legacy -- Gwen Dandridge
Down and Out in Richmond and Berkeley -- Dorothy Westwick
Howdy Doody Time -- Diane Alexander
My Hometown, Zerbst, Before World War II -- Irene Williams
The Gardener's Shed -- Tyler Gregory
Sally Blaine -- Beverly Plummer
My Formative Years -- Susan Chan Egan
The Day the Ditch Ran Full -- Bonnie Scott Sivers
THE Pomegranate Tree -- Lys Poet
My Life as a Teenaged Mugger -- Andre Levi
Charlie -- Tita Lanning
Cats, Men, and Mermaids -- Valerie Burns
Amelia -- Julie Connor
High Desert Fast Food -- Keith Kapuy
Ain't Love Grand! -- Pam Emerson
Leaving Town -- Dennis Nord
Having Lunch With My Father's Ashes -- Sigrid Hvolboll Erro
Trompe l'Oeil for the Mature Woman -- Karen Miyashiro
Good Christain Women-Tina Turner -- Helene K. Gardner
Too Many Changes -- Libby J. Atwater
Spooked Senility -- Sridhar Subramanian
Finding Truly Revolutionary Lover - A Guide For All the Womens -- Mary Aspinwall
AnneThology -- Nicole Starczak
Morning Java -- Susan Miles Gulbransen
Funny Thing about Death -- Sarah Potok
Dancing with Felix -- Sonja Ferrera
Letter to You -- Kerstine Johnson
Movie Magic -- Yona Bachrach Schulman
Alameda Street -- Melinda Palacio
Lucille -- Steve Beisner


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Dec 22 2010
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